New Work for Ithaca Artist market 2018!!

Hi!  Hope you come out to see my new work art at the Ithaca Artist Market this year!  I have small paintings this year in addition to many of the paintings you see on this website.  Two examples of my small paintings are below, and there more to see at the market!!

contemporary abstract small oil painting titled Hidden by Helen Closs.jpg
contemporary abstract small oil painting titled pilgramage by Helen Closs.jpg

Creativity Links

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post some links to help boost your own creativity.  This Ted Talk by Adam Grant called: The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers, is really powerful, especially if you’re trying to be original in your work.  When he talks about a whole lot of failure to be necessary for great ideas/work, well, you have to be encouraged.  In the very least maybe you won't feel so alone, especially in the area of "think time".  Very Interesting.  The other is a list of 97 Best Creativity Tips Ever by Eric Maisel. For that one you have to sign up for the newsletter, but it’s great help.  So, passing these on in case you haven’t seen them.  Bye!

Welcome Back!!

Hi everyone and welcome to the home of my new blog!  I sure will miss the other one, but this is good for my website SEO, not to mention just more convenient!  I would love to know what you think of how I tweaked my style!  Please let me know if you have trouble seeing stuff.  Also, I'll be putting a store on this site when I have a moment and will just keep adding things.  I have some jewelry I will be adding here too, but not done yet.  I have a full time job outside of my art life, so my time is limited for now.